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Maximalism Done Right: Tips to Inject Your Home with Joy and Texture

Maximalism Done Right: Tips to Inject Your Home with Joy and Texture

30 April 2021

For many people, Maximalism has become a scary term when it comes to decor, conjuring up visions of chaos and clutter. But when done right, nothing could be further from the truth! Mixing patterns with rugs and accessories and bringing in saturated colour can inject your home with joy and texture — making it feel welcoming and alive. With the right tools and a little confidence, anyone can pull off a dynamic and fresh maximalist look that will mark your space as truly unique. Read on for five tips to get you aboard the maximalist train!

1. Have a common thread. Mixing colours, patterns and textures is a fabulous way to add interest and variety to your design scheme. The key is to have a cohesive thread that successfully ties the scheme together. Different graphic patterns and textures in the same colour, for example, can create a cohesive look. Popping a bold colour in as an accent throughout the room will draw the eye through the space and lend a sense of organization. Cushion covers come in handy here! Thoughtfully presenting beloved objects and artworks you have collected over time is another wonderful way of adding interest to your design scheme – it often helps to think of the task as creating pockets of space, each with its own unique story. Repeating a theme or a colour family in the artworks can be your common thread as well!
2. Mix patterns with purpose. When mixing patterns in a maximalist scheme, go with a distinctive graphic bold base as the dominant feature. Ideally any other patterns you bring in should be more subtle, which will allow each pattern to “breathe.” The layering of patterns can be highlighted with contrasting colours: for example, a bold black and white graphic pattern is a fantastic base, then pair it with a contrasting bright hue like a fuchsia or vibrant orange, and instantly achieve a memorable design scheme with impact!
3. Black and white never fails. We adore the use of bold monochrome black and white graphic patterns and tones paired with punchy bright hues- this is an excellent way to achieve a statement design scheme as both hold their own and work to anchor the design in their own ways without competing. Black and white monochrome has its own timeless magic – it never tires and is always on trend. Plus, just about every pattern and colour complements it! Any black and white graphic pattern is a sure win that will leave your audience captivated. Plus, it’s so easy to find: cushion covers and rugs in black and white are some of our most popular items.
4. Layer and vary the rugs I like a bold patterned rug in striking geometric designs; it brings a ton of character and style to a room while also anchoring a space. I am also a huge fan of layering rugs to create defined pockets of spaces, so I always love combining complementary tones and textures with rugs in different sizes and shapes- a round rug is an easy solution to anchor a corner space where other standard rectangular rugs are already in situ, adding movement and flow and an alternative perspective to your floor treatment! This is especially true in a large open plan space: go for several rugs to demarcate your zones while also adding texture and personality.
5. Cushions complete the look. Cushion Covers are a designer’s secret weapon when it comes to pulling together a cohesive look in a flash. A few well-placed cushions add so much texture, depth, and variety — and can be easily changed with the season or your mood. When choosing your cushion covers, consider where they are being placed and always ensure they contrast to the base furniture so they add a striking accent to the room whether it’s a sofa or armchair or bed. You definitely want to complement the texture and tones of the rug, but go an extra step: luxurious metallic finishes on a cushion cover, for example, will add shimmer and shine, creating a unique story within your design scheme.
What do you think? Are you done with greige and ready to try mixing it up? Come pay us a visit at our Holland Village showroom and we promise you will feel inspired to bring the texture and colour (and joy!) into your home today. To browse our collection online and be inspired to create beautiful spaces in your home today, visit
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