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Outdoor rug

Outdoor Rugs

10 Aug 2021
Five Reasons I LOVE Our New 100% Recycled PET Yarn Outdoor Rugs
When you find a new sustainable design innovation and design a new line of outdoor rugs right before COVID hits, you find yourself with a lot of extra waiting time. In that time, you talk about it, you dream about it, you hope and you worry about it. You wonder if you did the right thing. When many, many months later, the shipment of PET Yarn rugs finally arrives and it’s everything you hoped for and more, you celebrate!
If you can’t tell, I’m just slightly over the moon at how beautifully these outdoor rugs have turned out. Here are five reasons why:
1. They are totally sustainable. Have you heard about PET Yarn rugs? PET, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a type of polyester fiber used to make carpets. Discarded plastic bottles treated at high temperatures are transformed into PET Yarn — a soft, very thin and pliable fibre which looks and feels like a fine wool blend, but boasts the durability and sustainability of recycled plastic. Making rugs out of recycled PET yarn is an innovative, sustainable method of reducing the impact of plastic bottles on the environment, and reusing them in a really quite lovely way. It gives you the luxurious look and feel of wool with no synthetic coating: a win-win!
2. They really do look and feel like wool. As someone who is obsessed with textures — especially when it comes to home decor, I am not a huge fan of the pervasive plastic outdoor rugs. They can survive the rain, sure, but I find the feel of wet plastic less than pleasant, and the general look to be cheap. For years, there were no other options unless you had a 100% covered outdoor space. When I was introduced to this material, I thought, finally! I can have an outdoor rug that’s not a compromise on style, quality, texture, practicality, or sustainability. Come and see our stunning range of new PET Yarn outdoor rugs for yourself in our Holland Village Showroom.

3. They may use new and innovative materials, but our PET Yarn rugs are crafted the way all of our rugs are: lovingly, carefully, and by skilled artisans using traditional looms and hand finishing methods. Check out this video of our artisans drying and finishing the rugs:

4. You can use them indoors, too. These are just such a breath of fresh air when it comes to beautifying your outdoor space, that we are really shining a light on them as outdoor rugs. But truly, they would not be out of place in an entrance hall, kitchen, or dining room. In fact, we have introduced them as bathmats as they have performed so well with the rain. The bathmats will completely elevate the style of your bathroom and eliminate the risk of mould that another style of carpet might bring.

5. We are just getting started with them. These PET Yarn outdoor rugs represent a completely new product launch, so I am looking forward to introducing new sizes and colourways, depending on your feedback. Please do let me know what you think of these fabulous outdoor PET yarn rugs, and what you’d like to see more of!

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