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Our Piece-by-Piece Guide to Creating a Cozy and Comfortable Bedroom

A picture containing indoor, living, floor, window

Our Piece-by-Piece Guide to Creating a Cozy and Comfortable Bedroom

31 Mar 2021
A picture containing indoor, living, floor, window
Balance, Scale and Symmetry: A Piece-by-Piece Guide to Creating a Cozy and Comfortable Bedroom Sanctuary
Bedroom decor is often overlooked, shoved down the priority list while the more public areas of the house get all the TLC. We want to change all that: a bedroom deserves to be a space that fills you with pride and a sense of calm and comfort. Luckily, bedrooms are one of the most rewarding home decor projects to undertake. With a little effort and some easy styling tips, your bedroom can become the most inviting and the cosiest sanctuary in the house. It all comes down to making informed decisions to create the vibe you are after, and always going back to our three magic words: Balance, Scale and Symmetry. Here is our piece-by-piece guide to getting it right in the bedroom.
Bed: Your bed is the focal point of the room, and the place you spend most of your personal time, so don’t hold back. First, consider the scale. High ceilings? Go for a high, dramatic headboard. Lower ceilings, meanwhile, call for a more streamlined headboard, but please don’t skip it entirely. It gives your bed presence and permanence. Adding a headboard to a bed is simply transformational — and essential, if you ask us. A fabric headboard can add colour and pattern while being super cosy, but a leather or wood choice can also work wonderfully by adding depth and texture.
Rugs in Bedroom
Bed Linens: Your bed is the star of the show, so dress it accordingly. Crisp, white cotton linens are a great place to start. You won’t regret a white or neutral main bedspread, but consider bringing in some colour as you layer on accent cushions and a throw to dress the bed. You can rotate various colourways atop a neutral bedspread throughout the year to keep things fresh. Play around with the soft elements until you love what you see when you walk in your room.
Side Tables: Ideally you will have equal space on either side of the bed, which makes matching side tables a simple way to balance the room. Slightly too big will look better than too small, so if you are on the fence, go for the larger option — especially if you have a substantial headboard, as you will want a larger lamp to sit on that side table.
Area rug
Floors: Consider your options for coverage. Placing a rug at the foot of the bed can add a luxurious look, while positioning a large rug under the entire bed gives your feet a soft landing and ratchets up the cozy factor. Round rugs positioned slightly under the bed on either bedside can also tick the comfort box and work wonderfully to balance out the angles of the other furniture. There is no magic formula, and sometimes you have to see it to make the right choice. This is why the Cinnamon Room offers a 24 hour free trial period with our rugs. We want to help you get it just right — take a couple options home and see how they work in your room.
Lighting: Think layers! How many levels of light can you add? This is one of those (rare) the-more-the-better scenarios. Start with the existing overhead lighting – can you warm it up with a different bulb or add a dimmer? Then go lower: reading lamps are a must beside the bed and any lounge chair you might have in the bedroom. As always: Scale the lamps to the headboard and the tables…a tiny reading light will look silly on a substantial table next to a grand headboard. The opposite is also true: if you have a sleek and simple low headboard and a smaller table, a modest lamp works a treat.
Candles and Tealights
Candles: An essential accessory for a cozy and intimate bedroom, candles can do so much to bring in softness and tranquility while adding yet another layer of light. Groups of tealights work on any surface, and a scented candle can instantly transport you to a favorite holiday destination. Pro tip: don’t save your special candles. There’s no time like the present, so start using them right away.
Rug in Bedroom
Artwork and Photos: In your most private of spaces, choose art that speaks to your heart. If you have several pieces, create uniformity by keeping the frames a similar colour and material. Some beautiful picture frames on the bureau and bedside tables can introduce happy memories, love, and positive energy. You can also put a mantra or an inspirational quote in a frame beside your bed for a daily mindset reminder.
Storage: Obviously, you will need plenty of space for clothes and bed linens, but don’t forget the smaller stuff. A beautiful box on the bedside table will look fantastic and prevent clutter from piling up (especially if it compliments your picture frames – check out our bone inlay and mother of pearl options. Place some tall and low woven baskets around the room to hold laundry, a yoga mat, and any other bulky, clutter-contributing items.
Rug in Bedroom
Music: A playlist that makes you feel peaceful and at ease flowing through a quality sound system makes a huge difference in the way you experience your bedroom. Place a handsome speaker on a dresser or a console table and press play when you walk in to set the mood for escape.
Do you feel ready to transform your bedroom into a tranquil escape from the day to day stresses of life? Drop us a line if you would like to talk through your particular bedroom goals. We are always here to help. And check out Visha’s styling videos on creating a bedroom sanctuary here and here.
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