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Styling Your Entryway for a Great First Impression

Styling Your Entryway for a Great First Impression

11 June 2021
A satisfying interior decor project you can complete in a day? The all-important entrance hallway! Banish those piles of shoes, umbrellas, and mail, and put some thought into the mood you want to set — both for yourself and for anyone who visits. You are just a few simple steps from creating an inviting space that greets you with good vibes every time you come home!
Here are our essential components for a warm, welcoming entrance hallway.
1. An Entry Rug — Did you guess this would be at the top of our list? Placing an entry rug at your threshold creates a sense of warmth and comfort, which is a lovely first impression to make when it comes to your interior decor. An entry rug also provides an obvious focal point — especially handy if you have an undefined entry way — the door opens directly into the living area, for example, which is a classic interior decor challenge solved by a rug! Our round hide rugs are an especially effective choice as an entry rug for undefined or square entries. We can custom make our rugs in any size, so whatever shape your entry takes, we can make sure it has the perfect rug. On the practical side, all of our hide rugs are all low-pile, so your door can open easily over it, as well as super easy to clean: any dirt or spill is easily wiped away with a damp cloth. A stress-free interior decor solution!
2. Stylish Storage — Baskets are your besties when it comes to containing umbrellas, bags, slippers, and all those mystery items that tend to pile up around the entry rug. Depending on how much entryway space you have, group a few together or just place one near the door to act as a catch-all. We love our baskets from Helping Hands Penan, because they balance a strong contemporary vibe with that handcrafted soulful look, while also being extremely tough. Made of waterproof PVC and with sturdy bottoms, they come in various sizes to suit anything that could do with a little organization. And don’t forget the small things — keys, change, mail, and the like are beautifully accommodated on a lovely tray or inside a handsome storage box atop your entry console. Check out our mother of pearl options which are the perfect size for completing the interior decor of your entryway.
3. Art — From an interior decor standpoint, taking care of your floor and your walls will go a long way toward making your entryway – or any room in your house – feel complete. With a carefully chosen piece of wall art, you have the opportunity to really project a vibe and set the tone for your whole house. We have seen a lot of beautiful entryways brought to life with the addition of a limited edition print by Deborah McKellar. Beloved by our clients in Singapore and abroad for their ability to evoke good feelings and memories, these artworks work terrifically in groups of two or three, or as one dramatic statement piece directly over the console table. Whether your interior decor scheme is zen and serene or vibrant and colourful, there will be an artwork that perfectly complements the energy of the space, and which ties in with your entry rug and console table.
4. A Well-Styled Console Table — The console table you choose may be a dresser you had in another part of the house, a grand Chinese antique, a modern slim and sleek sideboard, or a repurposed old desk. No matter what it is, the way you style it — from the entry rug beneath it, to the art above it and especially the items sitting upon it — will have a big impact on the way it plays into your interior decor scheme. It’s an oft overlooked step, but do spend some time being mindful about what you place on top, keeping the golden interior decor rules of balance and symmetry in mind. The storage boxes and trays mentioned above are important for curtailing clutter, but don’t stop there. A lamp, fresh flowers or a plant, a special framed photo (our range matches our storage boxes), plus a candle or a reed diffuser to greet you with a favourite scent will round out the look. Play around with the layout, considering the overall balance, the ways the colours and textures work together, and assure you have some items of varying height, which will soothe the eye and be pleasing to look at.
5. Light Sources — Often the entrance area is the darkest part of the house. A lovely lamp placed on the console table can add to the warm and cozy effect, while also being supremely practical. A mirror is another easy way to enhance the brightness level, with the added bonus of making sure you don’t leave the house with food in your teeth. Placing a group of lanterns on a larger table, or a scattering of tealights on a smaller table enhances the warmth and adds a bit of light once the sun goes down. For a gorgeous dramatic glow, take a look at our tealight centerpiece, which can also be a terrific focal point. Even the rug can present an opportunity to brighten the scene. The reflective silver and gold accents in our metallic range of hide rugs are a stunning and stylish choice for an entryway.
For more tips on making the most of your entryway, check out Visha’s video on the topic:
Feeling inspired to transform your entrance hallway too? From stylish modern rugs to stunning artworks, unique storage solutions and more, visit our award-winning interior decor collection online at
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