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Our handwoven, braided Jute rugs are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. An eternally popular style evocative of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, our Jute rugs are timeless style chameleons that blend effortlessly with any decor style from elegant to casual, lending natural warmth and texture wherever they are placed.

Details add Luxury

We added a Cinnamon Room twist to these simple jute styles by incorporating fresh, whimsical details such as scalloped edges, vibrant colours, metallics, and interesting patterns. The result is a more elevated version of the classic jute rug. We love that it’s equally at home in an elegant, luxuriously styled home as well as is in a casual bohemian environment.

Always Practical

This is an essential trait of every Cinnamon Room Rug. If it lives on your floor, it has to be a stress free surface for eating, drinking, playing, dancing…you know, living! Our rugs are designed to ADD to the joy of your home, and what’s a bigger downer than worrying about keeping the floor coverings fresh and clean? The low pile minimizes dust build-up and means they are easy to keep clean with a quick vacuum and the odd spot clean. Even a good shake will freshen it up in no time.

Natural Warmth

Our jutes are simply made from dried plant fibers, braided and then embellished by skilled artisan weavers. Their natural warmth and texture evokes sunny days and provides a lovely textural element in any room. They look particularly stunning in a covered outdoor area as they are completely at home when surrounded by plants and sunshine — but do keep them in a covered area as they don’t recover quickly if left out in the rain.

Durability for Peace of Mind

Designed to last, our jute rugs will continue to look as good as the day you bought them and actually get softer over time. Place them in a high traffic area and never worry again.