Featured Artists and Partners

At The Cinnamon Room, we partner with several other small businesses and artists. Such collaborations include Deborah McKellar, Helping Hands Penan,  Ketna Patel, Just Gaya and Elephant Parade. Learn more about them below. 

Artwork by Deborah McKellar available at The Cinnamon Room

Deborah McKellar

Deborah McKellar is a textile artist and designer and founder of Talking Textiles. Deborah’s textile artworks are characterised by their bold colours, layers of stitch, remnants of fabric, silk screened images and printed patterns. She continues to be inspired by Singapore’s exotic and bustling city with its juxtaposition of old and new and her stunning body of artworks can be viewed at The Cinnamon Room.

Baskets by Helping Hands Penan available at The Cinnamon Room

Helping Hands Penan

Helping Hands Penan Shop is a charity that is dedicated to the welfare of the Penan tribe in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The Penan are one of the last few nomads remaining in the world, and their way of life is changing due to pressures that encourage them to live in permanent settlements and adopt year round farming. Helping Hands Penan’s mission is to empower the Penan women to help themselves and their family, and to support the Penan kids to get an education. The funds raised are channeled back to the Penan community in Ulu Limbang and Ulu Baram in the various projects.
Artwork by Ketna Patel available at The Cinnamon Room

Ketna Patel

Ketna is a highly prolific British-Indian multi media artist. Born in East Africa, educated in UK, and based in South East Asia + India for the last twenty five years, she uses her training in Design and Architecture to map observations gleaned from her compulsive travels onto an existentialist, yet to be defined new global anthropology that is fast emerging.Having just transplanted her studio from Singapore to two ‘travelling studios’ in the UK and India, she describes herself as being deeply tri-cultural; grounded in an evolving human identity beyond the rapidly evaporating boundaries of culture, nationality and geography. She believes that for most artists, there is no divide between their ‘private’ life and their ‘professional’ output. All realizations and insights gleaned from inter-personal relationships, travels, media etc can be transmuted into a heightened awareness / expression of where human society is at today, and possibly where it may be heading towards….

Just Gaya Accessories available at The Cinnamon Room

Just Gaya

Just Gaya’s is a multi-label boutique dedicated to curating a collection of brands, each bringing a unique handmade element to their product design. Created by artisans who have a passion to design striking accessories, Just Gaya’s retails brands such as Frankitas, Nala Designs and Isle & Tribe, in addition to its namesake collection of accessories. From using plant-based dyes, preserving the age-old art of hand weaving to fashioning hand-printed materials, each brand is simply distinct. The various brands Just Gaya’s retails are artisanal. The products are handmade or handwoven and many are one-of-a-kind pieces. As products are made by hand please appreciate imperfections. Remember its in the ART OF THE HAND.
Singapore Stories Elephant Parade 3 Pack Giftbox - get the perfect Singapore leaving gift at The Cinnamon Room

Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade® is a social enterprise that runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. 20% of all Elephant Parade net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.