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Empowerment is central to The Cinnamon Room’s brand, which is why we spend so much energy sharing our time-tested design and styling tips with you. We are endlessly encouraged by clients learning to embrace their own personal style. We love helping you make your interior decor decisions with confidence.
The Cinnamon Room has become known for our educational, inspiring, often off-the-cuff videos on our website and social media. Perfection is never the goal with design or with life, so we keep it real: after all, it’s not just how something looks, but rather how it feels for you in your home! It’s all about connecting with and feeling comfortable in your space. Likewise, we want you to feel connected to and comfortable with us – even if we’ve only met online. We are always thrilled to connect for one-on-one style advice over email, phone, or in person too.
Simply put, we want you to fall in love with your home — and we want to help you get there. Dreaming, discovering, and playing with possibilities while learning how others have achieved their dream homes are important parts of the process.

Practicality is at the heart of The Cinnamon Room story. No matter how luxurious or stunning a piece is, if it’s coming into your home, it must meet our high standards for durability.
We want our pieces to enhance your home and be the backdrop for a fully-lived life that includes eating, drinking, spilling, and playing without worrying about maintenance. With that in mind, we provide tips and reminders on just how easy it is to keep your rugs and decor looking fresh and fabulous for many years to come.

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