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Entertaining at Home

Entertaining at Home: Seven Things to Have on Hand for Easy and Memorable Gatherings
If we’ve learned anything from these long months of COVID restrictions, it’s that fostering connections with the important people in our lives is essential for our mental health and general happiness. Whether you are gathering via zoom, having your two – five besties over for an intimate evening of wine and a platter of nibbles, or planning for the party of a lifetime as soon as we have the green light, it’s always a good time to get your home in tip top entertaining shape.
Read on for a few key items which can be leveraged for maximum ambiance at a moment’s notice. From decorative trays, bowls and wooden serving platters, to a whole wonderful array of lanterns and tealight holders and the soft touches that add a dollop of cozy luxury, we have all you need to set the tone for a night of laughter and conversation!
Soon your friends will prefer gathering over a serving platter at your place to any bar or restaurant in town! And most importantly, you’ll never let the lack of a good gathering space stand between you and an evening of food and friends again!
Lanterns and Tealights: When it comes to achieving a social and relaxed vibe, the more small light sources the better. Dim those overhead lights or rely on a few scattered lamps, and then distribute candlelight any place you’d like to create an intimate conversational zone, and a general enchanting glow. From our stunning tealight centerpiece (now back in stock in two sizes and colourways) to a handsome set of lanterns (our most popular ever!) or groupings of delicate tealight holders, a generous serving of twinkly candlelight goes a long way toward creating that special atmosphere. And your friends are sure to appreciate the flattering glow all that candlelight provides! Now, where is that selfie stick?
Rugs: An area rug may not be the first decor item that comes to mind when you are preparing to entertain…but take it from us, a rug can totally transform any area of your home, indoors or out, grounding a party zone or an intimate nook with equal panache. What about spills, you ask. Remember, our hide rugs are stain proof: curry, a Cosmopolitan, even red wine is easily wiped away with a damp cloth. So fill those glasses to the brim and worry not! And have you heard? We now have your outdoor gatherings covered too! Our fantastic new range of recycled plastic PET yarn outdoor rugs, which look and feel like wool but behave with the durability of plastic, have been a runaway hit since their recent arrival. Throw down some poufs, a few wooden serving platters of food, some decorative trays for resting drinks, and set the scene for a bohemian picnic. These rugs are so soft you will be happy to sit down right on them.
Wooden Serving Platters: Our Singapore mahogany wood serving platters are the perfect accessory for a no-fuss evening at home. Choose from five sizes from extra small to extra large, set out your favourite nibbles and sit back and enjoy your guests. These sustainably harvested and handmade wooden serving platters come stamped with Made with Love in Singapore, and have the option for additional engraving — an entertainer’s dream and an extremely popular gift idea.
Decorative Trays and Bowls: You have your wooden serving platter for the charcuterie and other nibbles, and for the drinks, the candles, the napkins and cutlery, the whatever, we have some newly arrived and completely stunning decorative serving trays and shallow bowls. Serving trays are one of those things that you never think of until you need them! So go ahead and stock up now, as our newest collection of decorative trays and shallow bowls might not last. Choose from stunning jewel tones, or summer fun pastels to inject that extra dose of sparkle and whimsy into your next gathering.
Throw and cushions: When it doubt, look for ways to layer on texture and up the cozy factor. We always say that the fastest way to give an area of your home a face lift is to get some cushion covers and pop them on sofas, chairs, in bare corners…anywhere that looks a little less than inviting. People gravitate towards soft things, and will feel well taken care of if they can lounge surrounded by fabulous soft furnishings. Our hide cushion covers will add a luxurious touch, while our assortment of Turkish throws are the height of easy-breezy style.
A Fabulous Cookbook: A cookbook cum coffee table book that can both help you plan and create the menu and is also a terrific browsing and conversation piece? This gorgeous and colourful edition of “They Came From Jaffna” tells the story of Sri Lankan Jaffna Tamil pioneers as they journeyed to and settled in Singapore. Chock full of pictures, stories, and of course recipes, this hefty volume is a special item that can help you plan a magically themed evening while also providing a lovely home decor accent and conversation piece.
Coasters: Even if you aren’t fussed about your table tops, a well-mannered guest won’t feel entirely at ease without a coaster nearby. So go ahead and do it for your friends, scatter some fab little coasters around and let your guests really relax. We have quite an assortment, from the conversation starting Singapore map coasters, to your glammy hide coaster sets (hello red wine proof!) to our stunning gold-dipped agate lovelies (in store only).
….And there you have it! Seven home decor items you can buy today to make your next gathering come together effortlessly and be totally magical. Shop online or come visit us in our Holland Village Showroom (do check our weekly opening times here)!
To gain more inspiration, watch these few videos on how to style it up for every season!
Diwali Festival of Light Gorgeousness:
Christmas Decor and Entertaining:
Styling up our shallow tray bowls:
Styling up your trays:
Feeling inspired and ready to rock your home entertaining in style? Shop our full collection of unique home decor at our Holland Village showroom or shop the collection online at
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