Singapore Mahogany Wood Platters and Serving Boards

We are delighted to introduce our new range of Singapore Mahogany Wood Platters and Serving Boards lovingly made from Singapore Trees! Thrilled to be supporting a sustainable movement of this local industry, we would love to give you a little insight into the Singapore Mahogany wood used to create these great Singapore inspired gifts:

Salvaged from land development exercises and routine maintenance of our garden city, these unique wooden boards are lovingly handmade and finished from Singapore Mahogany trees that are processed by local Singapore timber mills for construction and furniture.

Mahogany wood is distinguished by its rich, fiery hue reminiscent of the rich landscapes of Singapore. Mahogany’s striking colour is balanced by its relatively subtle and muted grain detail. Rare and prized grain features include the “tiger stripe” feature and tiny knots marking where branches used to be.

As part of a sustainable movement, pieces that are too small are salvaged for the production of tableware and are designed and personalised to maximise the utility of the natural shapes of these smaller pieces as much as possible.

All our wooden serving platters and boards can be personalised with a message dear to your heart! It’s the perfect leaving gift to literally take a slice of Singapore away with you or as a Singapore Keepsake for any occasion – be it that perfect gift for a man who has everything or a house warming gift!

With the nature of the supply of this special Singapore Mahogany wood, we are only able to obtain a limited supply of these wooden boards at any given time. No two pieces are ever the same. They’re always unique! See some examples on our Instagram Account or Facebook Page.

To order one of these unique Singapore Mahogony Wood Platters and Serving Boards, please contact us at and we will source the right size board and shape for you as per your requirements.


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