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Kids Bedrooms

Kids Bedrooms

11 June 2021
Choosing the Bedroom Carpet for Your Nursery or Big Kid’s Room: Six Tips to Pick a Winner!
1. Do it first: When clients are feeling overwhelmed with a blank slate of a bedroom, we often advise taking care of the floors and the walls first. The bedroom rugs and the art are things that will stand the test of time and that once chosen, will make selecting the other pieces that much easier. Any furniture or accessory you bring into a room with a bedroom rug in place instantly looks better, more grounded, and right at home. A bedroom carpet you love sets the tone and creates a jumping off point for the rest of the room. Start there, and the road ahead will be a smooth one.
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2. Think outside of the box: We love how our stunning round mermaid scale hide rug with gold and silver accents is anything but babyish, yet goes perfectly in this chic yet playful nursery. Plus, this is a bedroom carpet that will never go out of style. When the bed and the accessories change, the bedroom rug remains a stylish and soothing grounding piece: a rug to last a lifetime. It may seem like a grown up choice but a metallic hide rug in a child’s bedroom adds an element of magic: what’s not to love about that?
3. Create Zones: If you find yourself with a large bedroom to decorate, consider the different uses the room has and then create zones. A reading nook, a homework (or gaming) desk, a lounge to hang out with their friends, or just a chill zone that’s not their bed are all popular pockets that will get plenty of use, especially with teenagers. The simplest way to demarcate these zones is with area rugs. Think of the activities you want to promote, the activities your teen wants to use their room for, and then create pockets of space that promote a combination or a compromise of those things. We love how this client created a cosy little lounge by placing a round hide rug — the mellow round hide rug is a departure from the mod black and white beside the bed, but it all works together for a cohesive space with different uses.
4. Low pile means low maintenance: We admit that those deep plush bedroom carpets can be tempting – they look so cosy, but when it comes time to deal with allergies or a teenager who is known to disappear into their room with a bag of crisps, you’ll be so glad you went for the low pile option for a bedroom carpet! A quick vacuum or even a shake outside completely rids our low pile leather, cotton, and jute bedroom rugs of dust and debris. Not to mention things like block towers, lego, and other tinkering toys do so much better on the steady surface of a low-pile bedroom rug. It’s a decision you will be glad you made!
5. Go for the bold: Especially with a school age children on up, a bold statement making bedroom rug can be great fun and really set the tone for a happy place all their own. A bedroom rug that stands in contrast to the rest of the house will make their room feel unique to them, and allow for a look your child can own and build on as they grow: a wonderful way to allow for control and identity building.
6. Natural fibers for the win: A bedroom carpet is no place for synthetic fumes. Our beloved handwoven cotton dhurries, jutes, and natural hides make lovely bedroom rugs and provide the peace of mind that comes with natural fibers. You want to feel good about your child breathing in that air while they sleep, and rolling around on the ground while they play.
A bedroom carpet is an essential first step in creating a child’s room that parents and kids alike will love spending time in. Wherever your taste falls on the kids room spectrum, browse our collection of award-winning Hides, Jutes, and Dhurries and be inspired to shift the mood in your kids’ rooms to one big joyful space that will keep them happy all year round.
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