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Open Plan Space Living Done Right

19 May 2021
The Dos and Don’ts of Decorating Your Open Plan Space
Moving into a home with an open plan is one of the most common interior decorating dilemmas facing our clients. We understand: transforming a wide open space into a cozy home environment can be daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of dos and don’ts to help guide you through the interior decorating process. For double the inspiration, check out this video of Visha styling her client’s open plan home.
DON’T fall into the common mistake of just shoving everything against the walls. This is often the interior decorating instinct in a traditional layout, and though it may work well in partitioned rooms, in an open plan space, it can make things look sparse, temporary and ungrounded. Provide structure by creating focal points based upon the functionality of each space. Area rugs are perfect for this in defining areas! With all that space, move your furniture away from the walls to create a natural flow around functional spaces and create a more intimate feeling in your space.
Area Rugs
DO anchor floating furniture with an area rug. It’s an interior decorating golden rule. You can space plan perfectly, but without an area rug to provide that home base, you’ll always be trapped in interior decorating purgatory: wondering whether you should move things around. Large pieces like the sofa and the dining table can look adrift without an area rug to serve as anchor.
Interior Decorating
DON’T forget to vary the lighting. If you stick with the standard overhead lighting, you’ll be missing that cozy vibe that lower light sources can provide. Floor and table lamps work well, but bringing in ambient lighting like tealights and lanterns does wonders to add visual interest and a feeling of intimacy and warmth so often missing in a large open plan space.
DO create zones. In an open plan, you need to think about how different areas will be used and then lay them out for interior decorating success. Again, a well placed area rug will create both boundaries and pockets of space. A round area rug can create a small reading or conversation nook, while the more commonly found rectangle rug will frame a living or dining area well.
DON’T be afraid of colour. If you’ve been eyeing a vibrant piece of furniture…Go for it! A statement piece can work double to give a unique character to a zone while also providing an opportunity to bring in some accent pieces in complementary shades. Simply balance it with neutral tones in your area rugs, and then tie it all together with some art or accessories.
Likewise, if you fall in love with a vibrant colourful statement rug, pair it with a neutral sofa and choose some accent cushions to bridge the colour families, and you are on your way to interior decorating success.
DO bring in layers and textures. This is a special interior decorating tip for those neutral lovers out there. An all neutral colour scheme can be wonderfully zen, but it falls flat when you forget to layer and contrast. A variety of textures, materials and shades will give your home so much richness and depth. Our area rugs in leather, jute, or cotton are a great place to start: Their interesting textures added to our signature features such as geometrics and metallics will give your neutral design scheme that unique look! Remember, neutral does not need to be dull!
DON’T match your carpet to your floor. You’d be surprised how often this interior decorating mistake happens by accident! Contrast is the key to an effective floor treatment. You want to SEE that beautiful rug, don’t you? If you are sticking with neutrals, ensure the rug sufficiently contrasts the floor when choosing floor treatment.
DO remember it’s not an exact science. Use these interior decorating tips to guide you, but choose what you love and find what feels right for your living situation. We are always here to help at The Cinnamon Room so give us a call to discuss any decorating dilemmas you might be facing and we will be more than happy to assist you in achieving a home you’ll love being in always!
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