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Try the Artwork on Your Wall

Just follow these simple steps
Step 1: Upload the picture of the room wall on which you want to display the artworks. A sample image is shown here
Step 2: Now we need to adjust the size of the image to the scale. You can use the objects in the picture to do so. e.g. in this example the sofa is 250cm so it is adjusted between scale mark 200 and 450 which indicates 250cm of scale.
Step 3: Now you are ready to try the artworks. Add the artwork from the picture gallery according to the size you need. You can also add multiple artwork images
You can move around the artwork at different positions. The artwork renders as per its scale and hence it will give you a good idea how it will really look like on your house wall. You can save the picture for your reference too.
This picture trial facility is currently available on full laptop browsers only. Please visit the page from a browser on your laptop. If you want to send the link of this page to your email then please enter your email ID and we shall send you the link so that you can open it later from a desktop / laptop device.