Visha’s 3 Key Tips on Rug Placements to Anchor a Space

1. Getting the Dimensions of Your Rug Right is Key

Choose a rug that is too small and it won’t anchor the space and still make the space feel unfinished. Choose a rug that is too big and it might overwhelm the space and consume it altogether – so getting the RIGHT scale of your chosen rug is key!

Depending on the room the rug will be placed in, I usually ask clients the size of their sofas (i.e. how many people it sits or if it is an L-shaped sofa); the size of their dining tables (i.e. how many it sits) and the size of their bed (i.e. king/queen/double) to help them choose the right dimensions of their rug.

As a guide of which of our standard sized rugs suit, this would be my general advice :

1.6mx2.3m rugs would generally work best for areas with a:
2 seater Sofa/ Queen/Double Bed/ 4-6 seater Dining table

2m x3m rugs would generally work best for areas with a:
3-4 seater Sofa/ L-shaped Sofa/ King Size Bed/ 8 seater Dining table

If your furniture or room proportions are much larger, a bespoke customized rug would perhaps work better in the space and we will be happy to assist you in getting the perfect rug size for your space.

If a room is exceptionally large, it helps to demarcate areas within the room and a rug is a great way to section off spaces within the room for different functions, defining each area with a rug as the focal point.

2. Placement of the Rug to Create a Balanced Design Scheme

When placing a rug down in your space, it is important to create a sense of balance and symmetry in the placement. Often I see clients have shoved the rug up against the sofa or a wall, whilst leaving a wide gap at the opposite end and this doesn’t help the area feel grounded. Balancing the rug in its placement is key to achieve a sense of symmetry visually and goes a long way to really help make the space look more defined and finished.

3. Effortlessly Transform a Space with a Characterful Rug

When looking at “dead” areas around the home like landing areas or hallways, each space can instantly be made to come alive with its own personality by placing a runner or perhaps even a round rug to address those awkward spaces with lots of angles.

Choosing complementary rug designs in open plan spaces or, for example, entrance hallways leading to a living area, definitely helps to keep a cohesive theme to your design scheme. This can be achieved by using similar tones or textures or both to enhance a flow within the design scheme.

if you are still unsure and need more advice, we are always here to help!

I often ask clients to send us or bring in images of their space and based on that, I can usually give you some initial advice on the correct size needed for the space.
So if you are still in doubt , email me on or whatsapp me an image of your space on 97273051 and I will be happy to help you with your choices to ensure you get the right rug for you!

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