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The Pink Pagoda Canvas Print
by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles


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This Canvas Print ‘The Pink Pagoda’ by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles is a piece of Singapore Shophouse Art, representing historic scenes from Singapore.

It is a digital reproduction of Deborah McKellar’s original Singapore artwork, called “The Pink Pagoda”. Inspired by Singapore’s Shophouses, it beautifully complements our collection of award-winning rugs and other homewares to complete your look wall, floor and all.

Reflecting unique scenes from Singapore’s history, it’s also the perfect Singapore souvenir for yourself or someone leaving Singapore. Each print run is limited to 20 prints.

Read more about the Artist’s Inspiration behind “The Pink Pagoda”:

“The Chinese Phoenix, or Feng Huang (凤凰) is a mythological bird. In ancient and modern Chinese culture, Phoenixes and Dragons can be found in art, architecture and fashion for weddings and royalty. Also known as the Queen of Birds, the Phoenix symbolises virtue, beauty and grace. It is considered a feminine entity and is usually paired with the Dragon which is deemed to be male. Together, they represent a fruitful and blissful marriage filled with prosperity and offspring.

The Chinese Shophouse in this artwork is located at 2 Everton Road, Singapore.”


  • Framed Size: 36cm x 36cm x 4cm;
  • The frames available for this size is: Champagne gold frame with black backing

Material: Each Canvas Print has been coated for scratch, stain and water resistance. Framed in a wooden box frame, they look great as a pair or as a set.

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Dimensions 36 × 36 cm


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by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles”

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