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Pisang Goreng Canvas Print by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles


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This Pisang Goreng Canvas Print by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles is a piece of Singapore Shophouse Art, representing historic scenes from Singapore.

It is a digital reproduction of Deborah McKellar’s original Singapore artwork, called “Pisang Goreng”. Inspired by Singapore’s Shophouses, it beautifully complements our collection of award-winning rugs and other homewares to complete your look wall, floor and all.

Reflecting unique scenes from Singapore’s history and architecture, it’s also the perfect Singapore souvenir for yourself or someone leaving Singapore. Each print run in this artwork is limited to 50 prints.

Read more about the Artist’s Inspiration behind “Pisang Goreng”:

“Pisang Goreng” is Malay for fried banana. Over the years, that I’ve been living here in Singapore, I’ve gone on a few road trips into Malaysia. One of the fun things that we like to do is to pull over on the roadside at one of the Pisang Goreng stands for a quick fried banana snack. While these kinds of pop-up stands are not as common in Singapore, this is still a well known dessert here.

Talking about bananas, I love the way these are displayed in Southeast Asia, handing in rows on hooks like these. This artwork captures fun and quirky everyday scenes. This menu is photographed from a signboard at a food court. Here you’ll see the many ways that Prata can be served – egg prata, cheese prata & of course banana prata. The batik chicken cutouts refer to the laid-back lifestyle that you would find in the kampong. A time, not so long ago, in Singapore where chickens were found running around the village. Behind the chicken here, I’ve enlarged a motif taken from a traditional batik shirt. Textures from the ridges in banana leaves are repeated in the background layers up at the top.


  • Framed Size: 48cm x 74cm x4cm & 61 cm x 94 cm x 4 cm
  • The frames available for this size are: Champagne Silver Frame with White Backing and Champagne gold frame with white backing.

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