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Emerald Eden Canvas Print by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles


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This Emerald Eden Canvas Print by Deborah Mckellar of Talking Textiles is a piece of Singapore Shophouse Art, representing historic scenes from Singapore.

It is a digital reproduction of Deborah McKellar’s original Singapore artwork, called “Emerald Eden”. Inspired by Singapore’s Shophouses, it beautifully complements our collection of award-winning rugs and other homewares to complete your look wall, floor and all.

Reflecting unique scenes from Singapore’s history and architecture, it’s also the perfect Singapore souvenir for yourself or someone leaving Singapore. Each print run in this artwork is limited to 50 prints.

Read more about the Artist’s Inspiration behind “Emerald Eden”:

“Did you know that Singapore is one of two places in the world that still has Primary Rainforest within an urban area”?

The title of this This artwork is ‘Emerald Eden’. It has a few meanings. Emerald is a precious stone, these green pockets, such as the rain forest , and large parks are precious in a city. I’m sure many of you have been taking long walks in places like MacRichie. During this lock down time it’s been a life line to get out in nature. I think that many people would have grown to love, cherish & respect these places more than before. Emerald also refers to the rich shade of green that you find in these rainforests. Eden speaks of the feeling of entering another world, just minutes away from the buzz of the city we find ourselves in dense jungle, a kind of paradise or garden. In this case a wild jungle garden, which I imagine the Garden of Eden must have also been wild and untamed. If we zoom in and look at the textures of this artwork you will see in these hexagon shape fabric cutouts. This fabric is made up of a combination of Chinese silk and Indian saris. I love the play of different shades of deep emerald and peacock green. The fabric here is cut from a textile that was designed by Christian Lacroix. I selected these tropical orchids,that remind me of the flowers that are famous here in Singapore. If we zoom in here you will notice that the texture here is more 3D, it’s a technique called flocking , where velvet fibres are transferred onto the canvas. The shophouse itself is printed in a lavender, which contrasts with the rich greens.

If you would like to bring in the energy of the jungle as well as the calming effects of these lush greens, then this piece is the right fit for your home.”


  • Framed Size: 48cm x 74cm x4cm & 61 cm x 94 cm x 4 cm
  • The frames available for this size are: Champagne Silver Frame with White Backing and Champagne gold frame with white backing.

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