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1. How do we care for the Hide Rugs?

Our Hide Rugs are very easy to care for. Unlike wool or thick pile rugs, the nature of the hide (largely cowhide or buffalo hides) is such that nothing seeps in when dropped onto the rug. It is as simple as looking after a pet when they get dirty, you use a damp cloth to wipe off any item that has dropped on it.

The only difference in looking after our hide rugs and a regular rug is that when you are vacuuming the rug, the vacuum should be on a low suction as the rugs are stitched and should be vacuumed gently. The nature of the hides is that they are very durable and can be subject to more wear and tear than a usual rug. Good news for young families and pet lovers!

2. What sizes are the Hide Rugs generally stocked in?

Our most popular size of rug is 160cm x 230cm. We have some smaller sizes in 120cm x180cm and 140cmx 200 cm too. Some of our best sellers are also stocked in 2m x3m.

3. Can the rugs be customized in size?

Yes they can be customized to any size to suit your space. We can consult with you to see what size would be suitable for your space by obtaining the dimensions of the furniture in the room where the rug will be placed.