How do we care for the Hide Rugs?

Our Hide Rugs are very easy to care for. Unlike wool or thick pile rugs, the nature of the hide (largely cowhide or ox hides) is such that nothing seeps in when dropped onto the rug. This means it can withstand even red wine, coffee or juice stains without staining. It is as simple as looking after a furry pet when they get dirty, you simply use a damp cloth to wipe off anything that has dropped onto it. All our rugs can be vacuumed. When vacuuming the rug, the vacuum should be placed on a low suction as the rugs are stitched and should be vacuumed gently. The nature of the hides is that they are very durable and can be subject to more wear and tear than a usual rug. Good news for young families and pet lovers!

What sizes are the Hide Rugs available in?

Our most popular size of rug is 160cm x 230cm. Some of our best sellers are also stocked in 2m x3m. If a rug is available in stock, the standard delivery times apply. If a rug design in the standard stock size needs to be ordered in, the lead time is generally 12-14 weeks as the hides for each rug is sourced and each rug is then hand made to the highest standards.

Can the rugs be customised in size?

Yes all our rugs can be customised to any size to suit your space perfectly. For bespoke orders, please contact us at sales@thecinnamonroom.com and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. The lead time for all bespoke orders is 12-14 weeks.