How do we care for Our Dhurrie Rug?

Our Dhurrie rugs can be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned. For spot cleaning, use a mild detergent and water to remove the stain. They are not suitable for machine washing.

All our rugs can be vacuum cleaned.

What sizes are the Dhurrie Rugs available in and can the rugs be customised in size?

Our Dhurrie Rugs are available in the stock sizes specified in our online shop.

If you require a different size to our available stock size, all our rug designs can also be customised to any size to suit your space perfectly.

For bespoke orders, please contact us at sales@thecinnamonroom.com! and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. The lead time for all bespoke orders is 12-14 weeks.

How do we remove the fold marks in our Dhurrie Rug?

Our hand woven Dhurrie Rugs are transported and stored folded. Over time when laid open and flat, the fold marks will disappear. To speed up the process, stretch the Dhurrie Rug out flat by anchoring it in place with furniture pieces.

To enhance the functionality of your Dhurrie Rug, consider placing an anti-slip underlay under your rug; this will serve to not just soften the feel of the rug underfoot, it will also prevent the Dhurrie Rug from “creeping” on hard floors.